Mokkom MK-801 Ice Cream Potong Maker


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Mokkom MK-801 Ice Cream Potong Maker Ice Cream Mould DIY Reusable Popsicle Mold Food Grade Aluminum Inner

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Name: Mokkom MK-801 Ice Cream Potong Maker

Model: MK-801

Net weight: 2.1KG

Product size: 21cmx14cmx13cm

Color: Yellow/Green


✌️Non-electric, Physically Cooled:

The MK-801 operates without the need for electricity. Instead, it utilizes a physical cooling mechanism to freeze and solidify the ice cream mixture. This non-electric design eliminates any safety hazards associated with electrical appliances, providing peace of mind while making ice cream.

✌️Food-Grade Aluminum Inner Liner:

The ice cream potong maker features a food-grade aluminum inner liner. This high-quality material ensures the safety and hygiene of the ice cream. Aluminum is known for its excellent heat conductivity and quick cooling properties, enabling the ice cream mixture to freeze rapidly and evenly.

✌️Can be Fully Immersed for Cleaning:

The MK-801 is designed to be fully immersible in water for convenient cleaning. After use, you can immerse the main components in water, allowing for quick and thorough cleaning. This feature ensures that the ice cream maker is easy to maintain and keeps it in a hygienic condition for future use.

✌️Quick and Thorough Cleaning, Stain-Free:

The fully immersible design of the MK-801 allows for quick and thorough cleaning. ✌️By immersing the components in water, you can easily remove any residue or build-up, ensuring a clean and stain-free ice cream potong maker after each use. This feature saves time and effort while maintaining the appliance’s cleanliness.


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