Morphy Richards MR6085 Health Pot

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Morphy Richards MR6085 Health Pot 1L Multi-functional Glass Electric Kettle Kitchen Cooker Soup Boiler Automatic Pot养生壶

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Product Category:Health Pot

Body Material:Boro-silicate Glass



Item No.:MR6086

Capacity:1LAnd below

Rated Voltage:220VV

Rated Power:400w-500wW

3CCertificate Number:2021010717421905

Material of Liner:Glass

Time to Market:2021Autumn Year

After-Sales Service:Nationwide Warranty

Housing Process:Boro-silicate Glass

Control Mode:Microcomputer

Applicable Number:2-3People

Rated Frequency:50HZ


Thermostat Series:Digital Thermostat

Product Specifications:Table

Whether Cross-Border Export Is Exclusively Available:No

Type of Intelligence:Intelligence Is Not Supported.

Scale Marked:Pot Body Marked


Product Size:166*102*206mm

Additional Features:

✌️Slag-blocking filter spout with fine mesh filter holes for separating tea leaves from the water:

The filter spout is designed with a fine mesh that effectively blocks any tea leaves or residue from being poured into your cup. This ensures a clean and enjoyable tea-drinking experience.

✌️Large caliber spout for easy hand cleaning without any obstacles: The wide spout of the teapot allows for easy access, making it convenient to clean with your hand or a sponge. There are no obstacles or narrow areas that would hinder thorough cleaning.

✌️Comfortable grip for effortless and easy handling: The teapot is designed with a comfortable grip, allowing you to hold and pour with ease. The ergonomic design ensures a comfortable and secure grip, reducing strain and effort while handling the teapot.

✌️Non-slip bottom for stable and secure placement without slipping: The bottom of the teapot is equipped with a non-slip feature, ensuring that it stays firmly in place during use. This provides stability and prevents the teapot from slipping or sliding, even on smooth surfaces

Weight 2 kg


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