Hauswirt K3 Oven Air Fryer

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Hauswirt K3 Oven Air Fryer Household Small Baking Multifunction Mini 18L Large Capacity

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Toast, bake, and even fry your favorite meals with Hauswirt Air Fryer Oven! Featuring a nonstick interior for super-swift cleaning. 18L Extra Large Capacity, Perfect size for feeding your large family. A true all-rounder, 9 cooking methods for all kinds of recipes.


– 9 cooking methods all rounder: Features Baking, Air Frying, Breakfast Making, Dried Fruit Making, Yogurt Fermentation, Defrosting, Barbecue, Toaster, Popcorn Making 9 different heating methods. Use it to toast slices, air fry, defrost, reheat pizza, bake cake or cookies, roast turkey, and more.

– 18L extra large capacity: Perfect for family and party, feed 8-10 person. Large enough to accommodate 16 chicken wings, 18 egg tarts, a 12′ pizza, 12 slices toast, 450g French fries and a medium-sized chicken.

– Wide temperature range 60°C – 230°C. The air fryer oven features WARM Function, use it to keep cooked food hot, or to warm plates and serving dishes, and even reheat leftovers.

– Easy To Clean – With its fingerprint-resistant exterior and grease-proof interior, the countertop oven is easy to wipe clean. Plus, the fry rack and baking tray are dishwasher safe.

– Space-saving Design – Occupies less than two A4 papers, saving kitchen space.

– Convection Cooking Technology – Implemented with 6 304 stainless steel heating tubes and built-in PID chip for convection cooking. Fry chicken wings in seven minutes.


Rated Power: 1250W

Capacity: 18L

Voltage: 220V

Time Range: 0–24 hr

Dimensions: 35.8x 36.9x 37.4cm / 27 x 28x 23.7 cm in

Weight: 7.5 kg

🌟Package include🌟

Hauswirt K3 Air Fryer Convection Oven,

Baking Pan,

Crumb Tray,

Fry Grill,

Receipt Book,


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