GEMILAI Combo CRM3124F/H & A80


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Gemilai CRM3124 F/H Professional Espresso  Machine  for coffee shop espresso machine & A80 – 64mm Stainless Steel Burr Coffee Grinder

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Product Specifications:

Power: 1660 W
Voltage: 220 V
Frequency: 50 HZ
Weight: 33.5 kg
Size: 51.7 * 29.7 * 41 cm
Heating mechanism: 2-liter heat exchanger


– Stainless Steel Housing
– With 2.5L detachable water tank
– Can also be direct to waterline
– Rotary pump with consistent 9 bars of pressure
– With a barometer
– Variable Boiler Temperature
– Adjustable pre infusion
– Knob type manual hot water and manual steam function; light touch button
operation, coffee time adjustable
– Automatic pressure release function
– With water drainage function
– With detachable drip tray
– Top cup warmer function


– 1 year parts and service warranty



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