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GEMILAI CRM3201 Coffee Machine

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GEMILAI CRM3201 Double Group 9 Bar Commercial Espresso Coffee Machine Product Description: 1. Multiple composite composite boiler system: segmented heating mode, high efficiency, energy saving, precise temperature control 2. Stainless steel multi-boiler system: 0.55L coffee extraction boiler*2+10.5L steam master boiler, coffee, steam and hot water do not interfere with each other 3. The extraction boiler and the brewing head are combined into one, the extraction water temperature, what you see is what you get 4. Imported solenoid valve, all copper pipe design for internal waterway 5. Commercial rotary pump, continuous supply of stable pressure 6. Imported flow meter, can set the coffee extract quantitatively 7. Extractable water temperature, open and adjustable water flow of the brewing head 8. Independent hot water function, 4 holes of powerful and adjustable steam 9. External water source (0.1MPa≤water pressure≤0.3MPa), automatic water up and down 10. Two-pointer pressure gauge, stylish and simple 11. Multiple electronic and mechanical safety protection devices, continuous safety and reliability Feasures: 1.U.S. imported procon water pump 2.Pressure 9 bar 3.4-hole steam head, high dryness and low water content 4.All copper tube design, excellent thermal conductivity and stability of copper tube 5.Patented composite boiler Model: CRM3201 Dimension: 817*502*452mm Power: 4500W Pressure: 9 bar Voltage :220V 50HZ Productivity: 240 Cup/h Coffee Type: Espresso Coffee Water tank capacity: 12L Color: Red/Black Heating plate: Stainless Steel Heating Plate Material: Stainless Steel + Plastic #gemilai#coffee machine #CRM3201

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