Daewoo ZB11 Portable Mini Fruit Juicer

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Daewoo ZB11 Portable Fruit Juicer Mini Juicer Cup Wireless Fruit Blender Mini Household Electric Mixer

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Name: Daewoo ZB11 Portable Fruit Juicer

Model: ZB22

Voltage: 3.7v

Power: 50w

Cable length: 0.5m

Cable type: Type-c

Net weight: 1KG

Product size: 10cmx10cmx110cm

Color: white



✌️Double-click to start and prevent children from accidental touch:

This feature adds a safety measure by requiring a double- click action to start the juicer, reducing the chances of children accidentally activating it.

✌️”Double-lock” feature:

The juicer incorporates a double-lock mechanism that requires aligning the top and bottom points to start. This design ensures secure operation and prevents any potential accidents or spills.

✌️Motor protection, battery cell temperature control protection, and charge-discharge protection:

The juicer is equipped with various protective measures to ensure the longevity and safety of the motor and battery. These features prevent overheating, overcharging, and discharge-related issues.

✌️Hidden indicator light:

The juicer features a discreetly placed indicator light that allows you to monitor the working status easily. This hidden design maintains the overall aesthetics while providing convenient information on the juicer’s operation.

Weight 2 kg


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