Daewoo S13 Electric Steamboat Cooker

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Daewoo S13 Electric Steamboat Cooker Electric Cooker Multifunctional Multi Function Cooker Steamboat Pot Grill

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Name: Daewoo S13 Electric Steamboat Cooker


Voltage: 220v

Power: 50HZ

Cable length: 0.85m

Net weight: 2.15KG

Product size: 40cmx26cmx18cm

Color: white



✌️Length 320mm. Steamed fish does not require the head and tail to be removed.

This indicates that the length of the cooking utensil or the recommended size for steaming fish is 320mm. It also specifies that when using this utensil, you don’t need to remove the head and tail of the fish before steaming it. This feature allows you to cook the fish as a whole, preserving its shape and flavor.

✌️Diagonal length 360mm. Stir-frying is even easier and more flexible.

The diagonal length of 360mm refers to the size or dimensions of the cooking utensil, which is suitable for stir-frying. With this larger size, it becomes easier and more flexible to stir-fry ingredients. The increased space allows for better tossing and mixing of the ingredients, resulting in more efficient and evenly cooked stir-fried dishes.

✌️3-level heat control.

This feature indicates that the cooking appliance or utensil provides three different levels of heat control. It allows you to adjust the heat intensity according to your cooking requirements. Having multiple heat levels gives you greater control over the cooking process, enabling you to achieve the desired results for different recipes or ingredients.

✌️Healthy non-stick coating.

The utensil or cookware is equipped with a non-stick coating that promotes healthier cooking. A non-stick coating prevents food from sticking to the surface, reducing the need for excessive oil or fat during cooking. This feature enables you to cook with less oil, resulting in lighter and healthier meals. Additionally, the non-stick coating makes it easier to clean the utensil after use.

✌️Dual U-shaped heating tubes.

The cooking appliance is designed with two U-shaped heating tubes. These heating tubes are responsible for providing heat for cooking. The dual U-shaped design enhances heat distribution and ensures more even heating across the cooking surface. This feature helps to minimize hot spots and enables consistent and efficient cooking, allowing your food to be cooked thoroughly and evenly.

Weight 2 kg


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