Blaupunkt BP-XD05 Vegetable & Meat Purification Washing Machine

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Blaupunkt BP-XD05 Vegetable & Meat Purification Washing Machine / Meats / Grains / Fruits / Compact

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🌟 Blaupunkt BP-XD05 Vegetable Purification Washing Machine 🌟

Disinfect and remove harmful pesticide from you meat, vegetables, fruits, and grains using this Blaupunkt washing machine.

Protect your beloved family by ensuring clean food.

🌟 Specification🌟

👉Brand: Blaupunkt

👉Model: BP-XD05

👉Product: Fruit and vegetable purification washing machine

👉Washing Capacity: 10L

👉Rated power: 48W

👉Net weight: 0.85kg

👉Working voltage: 24V

👉Product size: 33.8 x 11.1 x 4.3 cm

👉Material: Titanium Alloy Purification Core

👉Power Adapter: => Input: 240V / 50Hz (AC)

=> Output: 24 V (DC)

⚠️The dimensions are measured by human, there may have some discrepancies with actual product

🌟 Features 🌟

– Double Cleaning Cartridge (One for Vegetables & Fruits / another for meats)

⚠️Only One Cleaning Cartridge Can be Used At Once ⚠️

– Kill 99.9% Germ of Vegetables, Fruits and Meats

– Remove Pesticide Residues(for vegetables and Fruits)

– Remove Man-Made Hormone Residue(for meat)

– Easy to Stick and Hang On Wall

– 24V Safety Voltage (Safe for human)

– 10L Cleaning Capacity

– 4 Cleaning Mode (Fruits & Vegetables / Meats / Seafoods / Grains)

– Can be Used With Any Type of Container

– Hydroxyl Purification Technology

– Titanium Alloy Purification Core

– Prolong Food Freshness (meat / vegetable / fruits / seafood)

– DIY Disinfection Water (5L Water + 15g Salt) (mainly for household floor etc)

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