Blaupunkt BP-DT01 Cordless Electric Mop


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Blaupunkt BP-DT01 Cordless Electric Mop Rechargeable Rotative Mop Spin Mop Waxing Polish

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Please examine the item upon receive before confirming the order. To be eligible for 1-on-1 replacement, inform us within the first day upon receiving the item. After that, send to us the faulty item or part for replacement within the first 7 days. The 3 MONTHS warranty covers malfunctions not caused by natural disaster, wear & tear and negligence.

Turning house chore into an enjoyable experience.


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1. Stress-free mopping ; NO MORE back-stress and aching muscle

2. Save 70% time in floor mopping

3. Save average 10 liter water

4. Eliminate the use of floor cleaning chemical

5. Provide waxing and polishing effect as the floor gets to be superbly cleaned

6. Easiest to upkeep. Absolutely NO clumsy cleaning after use.


1. Powerful Twin Rotor

– Optimum spinning speed of the twin rotor and pressure from the ideal weight of the machine emulate the best manual scrubbing.

– This cleaning effect is easily achieved with Blaunpunkt Mop and is virtually effortless.

– Clean 215 sf/min

– 200 rotations per minute

2. Turbined 180 degree rotation

– The specially designed turbined 180 degree rotation gives you frontal and side tilting.

– This allows you to clean hard-to-reach places, such as under beds or tables.

3. Large Water Tank

– The large water tank fills up to 300ml of water, liquid detergent or waxing liquid of your choice.dd

4. High Density Microfiber Mop Pad

– The ultra-fine microfiber mop strands at less than 10 micron ensure exceptional dirt removal and liquid absorption, yet gentle to the floor.

5. One-Button Operation

– Mop, scrub, wax, or polish all at the push of a button.

6. High Capacity Lithium-ion Battery

– Original LG Battery fast Charging, Long Running

– Battery removable

– 3hours recharging can using Non-Stop 60 minutes(around cleaning 3-4 single house)

7. Cordless, Safe and Tangle-Free

– No more struggling to look for electric outlets or getting caught in a tangle. Run on 11.1V DC, it could not be safer than that.

8. LED Light

– Light your way through the dark areas such as under the bed or table.

9. Wet or Dry, Just As Easy

– Disperse floor detergent, waxing oil or water while mopping or waxing with a single press.

[Uses of Mop pad]

– removable and reusable pad

– Mop & Polish pad: this high density pad is designed for floor mopping and scrubbing.


1. Rated power: 30 watts / 240V

2. Current: 2-5A

3. Switch type: handle switch

4. Heating time: 1-2 minutes

5. Noise: 30-50dB

6. Color: Blue / White

8. Net weight: 2.7kg

10. Dimension: 124*36*20cm


1x body, 1x handle, 1x main, 1x waxing oil, 1x sanitization liquid, 1x lithium battery, 1x charging set, 2x fabric mop, 2x waxing cloth, 1x battery, 1x funnel

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1x Blaupunkt washing pail

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Weight 2 kg


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